Andy Coughlan

Hi there! I’m Andy Coughlan, a storyteller at heart. Whether through the pages of a fantasy or sci-fi novel or the lens of a camera, I bring worlds to life and captivate audiences with compelling narratives. Explore my journey in writing and filmmaking, and discover the magic behind my creations.

Current Projects

Steam World

Steam World is a new series of fantasy novels. They are my attempt to create a complete fantasy world, much as Terry Pratchett has Discworld and Brandon Sanderson the Cosmere. I’ve created a world that is familiar to our own, but very different too. If you like dragons, adventure and magic, you’ve come to the right place.


Book 1: At the World’s Turn

100% complete – Querying with literary agents

Book 2: First draft

30% complete


Féileacán is my sci-fi film project. The script is complete, and, to help promote the project, I’ll soon be publishing a novelisation of the story on Wattpad (under my Sci-Fi pseudonym TB Birch).


Screenplay 4th draft: 100% complete

Novelisation: 1% complete


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