Bumper Ads – Gone in Six Seconds, But Not Forgotten

A few months ago YouTube (followed by Google et al) starting offering unskippable, six second ‘Bumper’ ads to the world, and I find them rather intriguing. According to the data collected during the research phase, they proved quite effective (although it’s difficult to find more recent stats). I suspect that they are quite effective, and it’s all to do with (you guessed it!) how our brains work.… (Read more)


How To Get Someone’s Attention

Continuing on from yesterday’s blog post (Why Storytelling Works), I’d thought I’d share one other interesting thing about the brain that has deep implications for storytelling.

It would seem that to get someone’s attention fully, we need to show or tell them something that does two things to their brain.… (Read more)

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Why Storytelling Works

Having studied Religious Studies at University, I’ve always been fascinated by stories and storytelling. In fact, from a very young age, I have always been trying to either write my own, or find ways of presenting other peoples’ (for better or worse – my efforts in the late 1970’s, aged 6 or 7, to put on a stage play version of Star Wars fortunately never materialised).… (Read more)

On Being Remarkable

I’ve just spent the past three and a half years (on and off) working for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (the fastest way to cross the Channel!) as a contractor in their marketing department. I’ve have a great time working there, but alas, as these things do, my time there has run it’s course.… (Read more)