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All in a Day’s Work

After a year or so of doing the rounds on the festival circuit, I thought it was high time that I made my short film with Mark Benton, Ben Shockley and Paul Kavanagh (who also wrote it) available to the public.

Note: Definitely NSFW! Strong language and a little bit of the icky red stuff.… (Read more)


Bumper Ads – Gone in Six Seconds, But Not Forgotten

A few months ago YouTube (followed by Google et al) starting offering unskippable, six second ‘Bumper’ ads to the world, and I find them rather intriguing. According to the data collected during the research phase, they proved quite effective (although it’s difficult to find more recent stats). I suspect that they are quite effective, and it’s all to do with (you guessed it!) how our brains work.… (Read more)

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Why Storytelling Works

Having studied Religious Studies at University, I’ve always been fascinated by stories and storytelling. In fact, from a very young age, I have always been trying to either write my own, or find ways of presenting other peoples’ (for better or worse – my efforts in the late 1970’s, aged 6 or 7, to put on a stage play version of Star Wars fortunately never materialised).… (Read more)

On Being Remarkable

I’ve just spent the past three and a half years (on and off) working for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (the fastest way to cross the Channel!) as a contractor in their marketing department. I’ve have a great time working there, but alas, as these things do, my time there has run it’s course.… (Read more)


Daft Websites

If you were a ‘fan’ of my old website, which unfortunately went the way of the Dodo after a curious mishap involving a vicar, several guns and a penguin named Larry*, you’ll know that I’m somewhat prone to unleashing bouts of creativity upon the interwebs. I’ve had a few such interludes in the past few months, which I’d thought I’d share, because I’m feeling unusually self-indulgent.… (Read more)


Darwin and Dadd

This is a repost, of sorts, from my old blog. I still think this is really cool, and haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else*.

About seven years ago, I took it upon myself to attempt, purely for fun, to adapt Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Wee Free Men’ into a screenplay. At some point during the process, around the point where Tiffany finds herself in a dream not too dissimilar to Richard Dadd’s “The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke”, I took the opportunity to print a copy of Dadd’s painting to hang next to my desk.… (Read more)