Here’s a selection of my screenplays.

Return to Earth

Synopsis: A team of scientists on the Moon are marooned as a deadly virus sweeps the Earth. As they watch on helpless they learn that they may be humanity’s only hope, but is everyone on the team willing to comply?

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Measure for Measure

Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s dark comedy, updated into a Sci-Fi setting.

Synopsis: Duke Vicentio is a lenient ruler, but has let his city become a den of iniquity and vice. Rather than sort things out himself, he calls upon Angelo, a hardline puritan, to take over and sort the city out. Angelo does just that, but his draconian decrees mean that the naive Claudio finds himself facing the death penalty for getting his girlfriend pregnant. Claudio implores his sister, Isabel, to plead to Angelo on his behalf. Initially Angelo refuses, but finds himself curiously attracted to Isabel, and so makes an offer that tests Isabel to the limit.

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The Elementalist

An adaptation of my own fantasy novel.

Synopsis: Barin is an Elementalist in disgrace. As one who controls the very nature of reality, he should be helping his brothers maintain the balance of the universe, but someone is playing games and has successfully covered their tracks by framing him instead. Under house arrest in his small village, Barin is resigned to spend the rest of his days in boredom, until a ship arrives, full of Pirates, with the promise of adventure and the chance to clear his name.

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The Book of Ultimate Truths

Adaptation of one of Robert Rankin‘s most popular novels for film.

Synopsis: Cornelius Murphy is convinced he is the ‘stuff of epics’. He sets out to prove himself and ends up on a mad-cap adventure around the UK, along with his diminutive best friend, Tuppe. Charged by the mysterious Arthur Kobold, the epic pair set out to find the missing pages of The Book of Ultimate Truths, written by the eccentric genius, Hugo Rune. But, someone else is also on the hunt for the missing pages, and should they find them, the world would become a very dark and dangerous place.

Screenplay available on request.

The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age

Synopsis/Notes: Adaptation of Robert Rankin‘s classic Steampunk novel into a four/eight part TV show.

Synopsis: When Music Hall star, Harry ‘Hurty Finger’ Hamilton, is blown up on stage, mid-routine, gentleman detective, Cameron Bell, is soon on the case. Discovering that Hamilton was in fact not human, Bell finds himself facing up to a nemesis that is not of this Earth, and possibly not even of the Solar system. As more foul murders are committed, Bell is joined (but not necessarily assisted) by Colonel Katterfelto and his talking monkey, Darwin, and the beautiful Alice Lovell, as they jet to Venus and back to try to solve the case.

Screenplays available on request.


My current project. More for fun than anything else, and as a way to test T-Writer, I’m adapting Philip K. Dick’s classic Sci-Fi novel. Yes, I know it’s already been done and it may or may not be already in production, but it keeps me occupied 🙂