Web Programming and Design

I love solving problems with web programming in PHP and JQuery; pushing the boundaries of my knowledge to learn more and explore what can and can’t be done with a bit of scripting and a web browser. Over the years I’ve created countless websites, but here’s a few of my more recent favourites.



I wanted to create an old-school typewriter emulator for no real reason other than I liked Hanx Writer on my iPad, but found the keyboard too small to really get going. I find it great for hammering out first drafts of prose and screenplays (it uses a cut down version of the Foundation screenplay shorthand).



Having an account for just about every VoD service going, I found it very frustrating trying to find out whether a specific film was available on any of them. So I created Moviespot to solve that problem. Note: it only works in the UK.



A little website/app that I created to help with my productivity, and reminds me to get up off my backside regularly. I find the 52-17 method (work for 52 minutes, rest for 17) much better than the Pomodoro technique, which, I feel, doesn’t allow enough time to really get into flow.